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A New Day, Une Nouvelle Jour, An La nua...

Young, Irish, but not so free!

Well i love my music, i could write loads on who i like, but i suppose i shall just write down who i love for now: Morrissey / the Smiths, Tegan and Sara, David Bowie, Motley Crue! They are the best of the bunch!

Tv, i little time for it but when i do, i am loving, The L Word, Everybody Loves Raymond, C.S.I and America's Next Top Model is another favorite of mine!

Languages, they are what i build my around, i plan to be an interpreter and learn as many languages as i possibly can in my life time, but of course i will speak gaeilge before any other language before my own.

I am so easy going, sometimes too easy going some mite say! I love Green, Pianos and Penguins! There was never really a right time to say that! But i do love them!

Oh and i collect Barbie Dolls, though they never come out of their boxes of course!