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June 2008

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    Today, I really must start on my revision, it's hanging over me like a rain cloud but i just can't bring myself to do it! Instead i stare at the computer screen doing next to nothing but scroll up and down on my bebo page! I am seriously killing brain cells sitting here. I am so hungry too, i hope my mother provides me with some good fast food soon! Even though I'm still feeling terribly guilty about what i ate last night and this morning! :'( Food and i have a "love hate" relation ship. I love to eat it, but I hate how i feel afterward. Fat would b the word to describe how i feel. I know I'm not fat, I'm quite silm, but i just can't shake off this guilt and the need to be thinner than I am, i know it's because of all those magazines, but to me, in my eyes, those girls look beautiful, if the world can say "Big is Beautiful" then why not thin? I think it is and that's how i want to be. Thin, thin thin thin thin....my obsession to ' etre mince'

On a lighter note, i think i shall go off and watch "Tipping the Velvet." Escape reality for a while and delve into the 19th Century Lesbian underworld! Sounds like a plan.


hey thanx for adding me back =D
no worries, im just gtin used to how to use everything on this! i just want a nice bkground or theme but no clue how to make it lol

il figure it out eventually lol

iv no idea how to make one either lol i just guessed and all i did was add a picture to my theme lol... it not creative but it good enough for now :D
lol at least u know how to even add a pic to a theme lol. i can barely find out where my comments are lol

it will get easier =D in no time